Food Science

Coordinatore: Prof.ssa Amalia Barone

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PhD in Food Science




Bando 37° ciclo

Allegato A

Domanda di partecipazione

SCADENZA:27/05/2021 ore 12.00

Web site UNINA

37th Cycle - Call

Attachement A

APPLICATION DEADLINE - May 27th 2021 12 p.m. (CET)



Course work in this area is intended to provide advanced education in specific branches of food science.

The program provides a variety of research opportunities in the field of food science.

Research projects may include different opportunities focusing on (but not limited to) the following possible topics:

  • food technology;
  • food microbiology;
  • food chemistry and biochemistry;
  • food preservation and safety;
  • sensory analysis and consumer science;
  • modelling, design and innovation;
  • nutrition and health;
  • microbiome studies;
  • bio-active compounds;
  • functional foods;
  • genetics and genomics applied to food;
  • food supply chain management and food authenticity;
  • global markets and trades.

The program will have no limits on the type of food commodities and may include any type of food and beverage. Collaborations with industries and other research institutions will constitute the basis for a strong innovative character of the research activities and outcomes.