Sustainable Agricultural and Forestry Systems and Food Security

Coordinatore: Prof. Albino Maggio

Valutazione titoli e ammessi alla prova orale (35° ciclo)- Results of assessment of qualification and admission to the oral examination (35° ciclo).

Esiti prova orale - Results of the oral interview (35° ciclo). 

PhD in Sustainable Agricultural and Forestry Systems and Food Security 
(Bando - Call for applicationAllegato- Scadenza: ore 12:00 02/08/2019)

This doctoral program is aimed at preparing qualified scientists for the academy and professional arena working on current and future challenges of agricultural and forestry systems with a focus on global sustainability (environmental, economic and social) and primary productions. In addition to prepare doctoral students to operate in the agricultural and forestry sector following up-to-date technology and sustainability principles, the program will address the global dimension of food security and production, and prepare to operate in the international arena (e.g. international organizations and more).


The program provides a variety of research opportunities in the areas of:

  • Sustainable intensification of agricultural and forestry productions;
  • Agriculture and forestry systems adaptation to climate change and resource constrained environments;
  • Breeding, genetics and genomics for sustainable production systems;
  • Protection and preservation of agricultural and forestry environments;
  • Processes and mechanisms of soil-plant interactions;
  • Industrial and non-food crops, including ornamentals, for remediation and other applications;
  • Soil and water conservation management towards Sustainable Development Goals
  • Management and modelling of wildlife and natural resources
  • Valorization of biomass and organic waste for bioenergy, biochemicals and high-value byproducts
  • Circular economy and future challenges in agriculture and forestry business
  • Economics, policies, market and marketing of agro-food and forestry chains